With support from Wales Arts International, I am collaborating with renowned artist and printmaker Muhammad Atif Khan. You can see his work here on Instagram and Facebook:

Atif Khan Instagram   Atif Khan Facebook

Our project will take the form of a collection of diptych prints. A diptych is an object or an image made of 2 parts.

We plan to work independently but simultaneously on a collection. We’ll each part-finish a series of prints, and exchange them via airmail for each other to complete.

This is an experimental collaboration, where the visual references of different cultures will meet in the same artwork. We may have preconceived ideas relating to the imagery and project development, but through open and ongoing dialogue, the work may travel in an entirely different direction!

These are the first prints I will share with Atif

Cup and Saucer Print  Gaudy Jug Print
Both images are screenprinted using hand-cut paper stencils, and printed onto Somerset Satin paper.

A porcelain cup and saucer, made at the Cambrian Pottery, Swansea in the late 1700s:
Cup and Saucer Print Detail

A 19th century Welsh Gaudy jug from my mother’s Welsh dresser:
Welsh Guady Jug Print Detail

How will Atif respond to this subject? How will I respond to the images he shares with me? We don't know yet! It’s a slightly scary process, but there will be interesting responses from us both in time.

Diptych will be exhibited in both Wales and Pakistan in early 2023, and will hopefully provide a starting point for a wider programme of activities.

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