I'm a printmaker living in South Wales.

Man-made landscapes, and agricultural, industrial and urban environments are recurring themes in my work.

I have always been fascinated by our nation’s heritage and the architectural shapes and patterns of the landscape which tell us so much about the history and culture of a place. My recent work primarily focuses on my heritage and the significance of treasured objects and heirlooms.

Through printmaking techniques, I challenge myself to explore new ways to present my observations. I mostly create intricate, hand-cut paper stencils, and screen print layers of vibrant colour to build images. Much like a painting, I work from the background, adding depth and detail. I like to break the rules of traditional printmaking and experiment by layering light pigments over dark, enjoying the translucency and opacity of the medium.

Although I have exhibited as a solo artist for 35 years, collaboration has enriched my personal experience and broadened my expertise.

In 2018 I worked with musician and producer Martyn Ware and multi-media artist Tracey Moberly to create POWER, a multi-disciplinary installation and exhibition. The collaboration which included a 3D soundscape, projections and a collection of prints was a response to the history of manufacturing and the decline of the UK steel industry.

More recently I was supported by Wales Arts International and the Arts Council of Wales to connect with Pakistani printmaker, Muhammad Atif Khan. Together we created DIPTYCH, a collection of 16 limited-edition prints. We each made images, exchanged work and created a visual response on the same paper, resulting in a unique combination of visual vocabulary with references drawn from our own cultures and heritage. The collection is currently touring venues in both the UK and Pakistan.

To learn more about the process, read this post or attend one of my upcoming workshops.

Over the years I have worked with many organisations and businesses to create bespoke artwork for interior spaces, such as John Lewis Stores in Cardiff and the Cabinet Office at Westminster.

I’ve worked extensively in education; in Primary, Secondary, Further and Higher Education sectors, and I have a long-standing commitment to sharing my expertise with groups in the community.

As a proactive director at Swansea Print Workshop and an elected member of the Royal Cambrian Academy of Art, I am currently working with key partners to develop MiniPrint Wales, which aims to raise the profile of printmaking as an art form across the country.